Two Funny Experiences I Had

I have been an user in a BBW dating app for about one year. Of coure, I have met some good people and I also met some terribel people. Today, I want to tell you some funny stories in this curvy dating app.
I admit that scammers in the dating app are inevitable. Not mention the hookup dating app, I also met some liars in real life. But the next two stories shoule be a huge joke.

The first girl I met soon after using the app. Her name is Jessica. She is 26 years old. She is very young and beautiful. I can see it from her head picture. After chatting, she told me that she was not far from my work place and asked me if I wanted to go out and play together. I really hoped that something would happen, and the girl asked me to go out to play, I can’t say no. So I came to the appointment. On the whole, I had a good time talking to her. At this time, her friend came, also a girl called Lily. She introduced Lily to this girl. Then all of a sudden, the girl complained that the nearest house was not easy to sell. I didn’t think much about it at that time.

After all, I was very tired of mu job,either. Then the girl asked me if I wanted to buy a house and if I was interested in it. I was actually quite disgusted at that time, because that girl kept asking me for three times. Then Jessica asked me if I had any plans to buy a house. I suddenly understood that I must have been cheated. They just came here to sell my house. Then I said that I had no money to buy, the salary was too low and the house price was too high. The people around me didn’t have this plan. So, as you can imagine, after the time, we were basically silent and ended the date in an awkward atmosphere.

The second girl was every young. I knew her from her moment because she uploaded a self portrait.She was my ideal type. So I took the initiative to send her a message. She also talked to me in a very natural way. Overall, I felt it was pretty good. But because we were not in the same city, we haven’t met each other but we kept chatting everyday.

Then, I summoned up the courage to show my like to her, and she said yes because she thought I was good, too. We started video chat everyday. About the fourth day after we became lovers, she told me that her grandfather was seriously ill and the tea at home could not be sold. She hoped that I could help her sell it. At that time, I thought it was right, so I agreed. I also asked my colleagues if they needed tea. But I couldn’t tell the type and name of the tea, because she never told me. I asked her, but she also faltered. Suddenly, my colleague told me that he had a similar experience before-a girl asked him to help her sell tea. Yes, that’s right. The same girl. And then I knew that I was cheated.

These are two funny experience I had in a dating app and hope you wil never meet these like me.

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