Are You Making Excuses to Avoid MTF Transitioning?

Many people have been making excuses of why they can't transition. They think they are the reasons, but actually, they are not willing to admit they are excuses. There are some common excuses transgender people usually say to themselves and to their friends and family.

If I'm a woman, I won't be passable. You don't know that and I don't know that too. Nobody knows that until you really do it. We can't predict the future. Only when you do it, can you know what will happen. You have never been on estrogen and never been through a full puberty to know what you will look like. Just like to tell yourself you would look like a model after it. We never know it until you try. Be honest with yourself. You don't know what you will look like. Do not make your consumption as the fact, which is not. This is your fear. You don't even know what you will look like after 1 or two years on hormones, because puberty can last up to seven years for some people. It means you will change in a way that you don't even know to be more and more of yourself. Therefore, if you do not know what you will look like, why will you automatically conclude the most negative outcome? It can possibly ruin yourself for the entire life.

I'm too old to transition. It is never too late to become your true self and live authentically. Most transgender people start their transitioning and wish they had started it sooner, even they are 12 years old. Differentiate between the preference to have started sooner with it being too late to start at all. There is a man who just started her transition after her retirement. There is also a woman who just started at her 70s. She did not think that it is too old. She would feel lucky that she still has the choice. Transitioning is a hard process, mentally, physically and even financially. Some people choose to start a little bit later. That is absolutely okay. It is never too late to be yourself. Start when you are ready and whenever you are ready, you can do it.

I have a bald spot on my head. I won't be a pretty trans woman. This is where you are wrong. Taking hormones can absolutely possible to bring back your hair. There's a woman who is 50 when she transitioned. She had a big bald spot on her head. After taking hormones, blockers and using some hair growth products, that spot is filed in completely. However, for people have a receding hair line in front of their head, it will be a lot harder for them to come back. Even if they do, the hair is thin and fine. But you can still wear wigs or extensions. There are a lot of ways to fill in your hair. This is not a problem. If you use this as a reason to not transition, that is your excuse.