Having gay one night hookup as a straight guy

I know many guys cannot even imagine themselves being naked in front of another guy, let alone having one night tinder hookup with one. Me too. I was once a 100% guy who couldn’t stand my friend touching me. However, I am now still a straight guy, but I slept with another guy once and we had one night hookup. I respect homosexual people, but I had no intention in being one of them. I am just not that material, at least I thought I wasn’t. However, alcohol can surely alter a person upside down. That is why drinking is considered as a sin in some culture. First and foremost, I have to clear that I am still 100% straight before I tell you my experience.

Yesterday, I was having a party in my house to celebrate my birthday. There were about 12 people and only two were girls who were the girlfriends of my two friends. That means the rest of the people were all single, which was definitely true. It was like being in a bachelor party, so my friends all suggested to ask some strippers to come over and have fun. One of my friends had the contact and so he called. The best pure hookup app.

About half an hour later, a group of people came. There were female strippers and to our surprise, also two male strippers who dressed like a cop and the other in suit. My friend made a mistake. We asked if we could return them and only keep the females, but they said they are going to charge us the same, because they had already come. It cannot be refunded. So we suggested the two males only have to sit there and watch with us. They agreed.

So the party was started. The strippers did great job in lifting the atmosphere. They even get the two male strippers to join them. They didn’t have to actually, but it was what they wanted. They totally made this party wild. It was like a live porn. Female strippers and male strippers were kissing and touching. I was even turned on by them and I think all my friends were.

Without any girls available in this party, they only have to hit up on the strippers. So all the strippers were practically surrounded my at least two males. I found no room for me except talking to the male strippers. His name was Dave and have been in this field for two years. We had a lot of talk, including our sexual experience. He was bisexual, which means he had been with both genders. I was pretty curious about her sexual life, so we talked a lot about it. Objectively speaking, he was quite an attractive guy. Great body-shape and great personality. Surprisingly, he lives upstairs.

At the end of the party after all my friends left, he offered to stay and help me clean all these mess. I accepted happily. After the clean-up, we had some more drink. One thing led to another, he kissed me on the lips and I didn’t resist it. Astonishingly, I liked it. It was definitely for the alcohol. I kissed him back. Just like that, we ended up sleeping with each other for one night. The best pure hookup app.