Transgender Dating Tips

Dating a transgender is a little bit different from dating a regular person. Transgenders are a group of people with special experiences. There are something should be took into consideration before date them.

Do some research
It is very important to do some research about the LGBT community and transgender issues. Making yourself more aware about transgender women and how to date them more properly and more decent way. It is always important to do background check and understand what you are getting yourself into. I'm not saying transgenders are difficult to handle, but there are a lot of issues for dating a transgender woman and you should be ready for whatever happens.

Be secure about yourself and the relationship
We deserve someone who is not ashamed to be with us and who is confident, proud and comfortable to be seen in public with a trans woman. You don't have to go around to tell everyone that your girlfriend is trans. But if people find out that you are dating a transgender woman, it won't bother you. You could handle the situation well and fully aware that it does not make you less of a man, or even less of a person that you are interested with a transgender woman.

Be prepared for some hairy situations
Not all of us can afford laser hair removal and some of us are still on the way of transitioning. Some of us may have problems with upper lip or legs. It is inevitable that there are days that we may forget to shave, which makes us very insecure. If you are going to point out our insecurities, it is like adding salt or alcohol to a wound.

Discuss sex before doing it
It is important to have a discuss about what you like and what you are not comfortable with before doing it. Some transgender women, especially those who have not done operation, are not comfortable with having their penis touched. You'd better discuss this kind of questions because you don't want your partner to feel uncomfortable.

Do not ask silly questions and always be patient
Even if you want to get to know the person more about our past and how we got here, it is not wrong to ask these questions, but ask them in a proper time. There is right time and right place to ask these questions, just be sure you are coming from a good place and show that you really want to know because you care

Treat her like any regular woman you dated
Even though we are transgender, but we are still woman in the end. All we ask is for you to respect us and be supportive like you are to your family and friends. Do not see us less of a woman or even less of a human-being because we are transgender.

If you are not sure with yourself dating a transgender, or you are just curious about dating us, then don't. We already have had enough hurt.