Why There are Some Black Men Prefer BBWs

Okay, at the beginning of the essay, let's talk about a question together. Think about it, do you think your own body shapes are attractive for black men? And i believe that some of you are even not sure about this question. As a matter of fact, today, with the development of dating, more and more people have chance to find their love, of course including black men. But in our daily life, more black men prefer dating with BBWs compared with skinny women. That may make some of you feel confused and want to know why do some black men prefer BBWs, right? It doesn't matter, now, let us try to find some appropriate reasons to explain this question.

The first point i am going to talk about is BBWs' body shape. Do BBWs' fitgures attract those black men? Let's analyze it. We all know that BBWs are plus size women, some men who like skinny women much more may not interested in BBWs. But there are still some black men like BBWs. In their personal views, plus size women have big breasts and hips. But why do they like women with these features? In my opinion, on the one hand, they think BBWs look very sexy with big breasts and hips, and their skin touch very comfortable. Black men like this kind of feeling, while those slim women cannot offer in a way. So, they prefer BBWs. But, nowadays, there is no scientific evidence to prove that all these black men are interested in BBWs' body shapes. So, there may appear different situations according to this point. And then let's move on to another point-personality. Is BBWs' personality attractive for black men? Actually, from some statistic data, compared with slim women, plus size women are friendlier and easier to get along with. Although, we are not sure whether the figure is relevant or not. If a plus size woman has very strong self-esteem and do not want to depend on the man to continue their relationship, i believe this kind of BBW is very popular among men, and those men prefer them as well. By the way, a woman with strong confidence is still of great importance because it will attract a man easily. Eventually, there is a kind of secret i want to tell you, black men really like white women. Because most white oversize women are very confident and optimistic, and they never care about what other people say about their body shapes.

All in all, if a black man falls in love with a BBW, it not mean that they can stay together forever. On the contray, he needs to know more about the BBW's peraonalities, and that's the more essential point to judge whether you guys are suitable for each other or not. This is what we learned from this essay.